Playstation 2 linux kernelloader (ps2dev)

kernelloader is a bootloader for ps2 linux and other ps2 operating systems. The current state is:
- Linux can be started. Graphic, USB, network, hard disc, controller pads and memory cards are working. CD/DVD is working with PS1 CDs and PS2 DVDs. Video DVDs can be read by kernelloader and a patched Linux.
- Sound is only working when using LIBSD.IRX and SDRDRV.IRX from the same game disc. SDRDRV.IRX must have version 2.0 or lower (4.01 is not working).
- A playstation kernel simulation is included. Only some ps2 syscalls are supported. Only single thread and a interrupt handler is supported. SIF RPC is working, so all hardware components should work.
- Writing data to an USB stick with Linux on slim PSTwo may destroy data. The fat PS2 doesn't have this problem. It is recommended to use the Live Linux DVD on slim PSTwo.
- Support for DTV (without former pink screen problems).
- Support for VGA.
- Linux 2.4 has the best support. Linux 2.6 is working slowly (CDVD is not working).
- Fixed auto detection of video parameters on NTSC consoles.
This error was introduced by version 2.5.
- Fixed detection of DVD region. Version 2.5 was only working
on european slim PSTwo or fat PS2 (all regions).
- Add entry in Versions menu for changing path to EROMDRV.
The modules need to be reloaded in the menu Configuration->
Net Options.
- Live DVD has been successfully tested with SCPH-70012 (v12).
- Added commandline parameter "--no-cdvd" to disable CD/DVD
access. This can be used with ps2link, e.g.:
ps2client -h execee host:kloader2.6.elf -d --no-cdvd

- Fixed CDVD problems in Linux 2.2. This allows to install
Sony's Linux Toolkit with kernelloader.
- Automatically create save game icon when saving configuration
file in mc0:kloader/ or mc1:kloader/. Linux mascot created by
Larry Ewing.
- Fixed bug in SBIOS when pointer is not aligned in RPC call.
This error normally never happens.
- Devided kernel parameters into video parameters and other
kernel parameters in menu.
- Support video parameters for framebuffer driver of Linux2.6
- Fix detecting of console region on v12/v13 SCPH-7000x. This
should fix DVD video support on these consoles. This is
needed to get the Live DVD working.
UPDATE: The detection is worse. The problem is fixed in 2.6.
- Added mode setting by function keys:
F1: Auto detect
F2: VGA 640x480 60Hz
F3: VGA 640x480 72Hz
F4: VGA 640x480 75Hz
F5: VGA 640x480 85Hz
F6: DTV 480P
- Disabled switching of screen mode with keys "+" and "-" in
input fields, because the keys can be used as kernel parameters
and switching can confuse the user.
- The screen was scrolling away in loader when there was no game pad
connected to port 0. Fixed detecting of game pads.
- Add parameter "-d" for kernelloader. This enables loading of
ps2link for debugging purpose.
- Show blinking cursor in input fields. Add possibilty to navigate
the cursor with the cursor keys.
- Set scroll position to 0 when input field is opened.
- Changed screenshot button to R3.
- Added virtual keyboard. The key is selected with R1 and L1.
The triangle button inserts the key. Left and right moves the

Download at sourceforge

Supported hardware/modules by linux 2.4.17 in version 2.6:
Hardware/Module Support Status Comment
Bootloader using PS2LINK Working Path can be changed in kernelloader menu using USB keyboard (only for people who can read program code).
Bootloader using network HTTP Kernel and initrd can be loaded over network, e.g:
Bootloader using USB Working Can be selected from kernelloader menu.
Bootloader using HDD No support Modules not loaded.
Bootloader using MC Working Can be selected from kernelloader menu.
Bootloader using CD/DVD Working Can be selected from kernelloader menu. Burned video DVDs are also readable.
GS Working Code uses PS2 BIOS or included SBIOS code if not available. VGA need to be selected in kernelloader to use NetBSD. The pink screen screen problem with HDTV is fixed. DTV and VGA is working.
SIFDMA Working SB_SIFDMASTAT is incomplete.
SIFCMD Working Code is complete.
SIFRPC Working Code is incomplete.
IOPHEAP Working Code is complete.
PAD Working SB_PAD_INFOCOMB is missing.
SOUND Error Sound modules libsd.irx and sdrdrv.irx can be used. The modules from RTE can be used or from game discs. sdrdrv.irx must have version 2.0 or lower.
MC Working SBR_MC_CALL is missing.
CDVD Working Code is incomplete.
PS1 CDs and PS2 DVDs are working. Audio CDs are not tested. Video DVDs are working. New Linux kernel is needed (vmlinux_fat_and_slim_v4.gz).
REMOCON Error Code is missing. Module can be loaded.
USB Working USB keyboard and memory stick tested. Working with slim PSTwo when Linux kernel is patched and rpc interrupt module is loaded. USB write access is failing on heavy load and when using slim PSTwo. Data may be corrupted on slim PSTwo.
HDD Working Working in PIO mode.
The slim PSTwo doesn't have a connector for the HDD, but some models can be extended. There is no support for this hardware configuration. Linux driver need to be rewritten.
INTRELAY.IRX Working ps2link must be disabled to get network interrupts working. The slim PSTwo needs the RPC version.
DMARELAY.IRX Not Working Code is complete, but I am not sure if it is correct. ps2link must be disabled.
SMAP seems not to be used, because linux driver uses newer unknown RPC interface.
USB Keyboard Working Also supported within kernelloader menu. Not all models are working.
Network Working with SCPH-10350
and SCPH-10281
Working in PIO mode.
ps2link must be disabled.
DMA is not working, because linux 2.4.17 driver uses different RPC interface.
The slim ps2dev needs the smaprpc.irx and the ps2dev9.irx modules.
vmlinux_fat_and_slim_v1.gz or higher is the recommended Linux kernel.
New ROM Modules Working See other entries in this table. Only some calls are missing.
Old ROM Modules Working See other entries in this table. Only some calls are missing.

Older Linux Bootloaders for Playstation 2